Led by a leader for leaders …

This blog is part of the TeamADL Editorial suite and is led by Cole Andrew.

Cole is a son, a brother, a husband, a dad and all round ‘nice guy’ – a friend to many! He has  30 years of positive testimony and outcomes as a teacher leader, including Headships in the Southeast and Northwest of England.  His ethos has a strong background in child development approaches to curriculum planning, assessment and classroom pedagogy. 

Cole has a proven track record in senior leadership roles across mainstream, specialist and Local Authority settings; over a 25 year period.  As a Head teacher in an Inclusive mainstream setting in Kent and then an all age special school in the Northwest, Cole realised the significance of prioritising self development, well-being and leadership skills with equal import and impact on outcomes.

By enabling leaders to connect with their emotional and spiritual self, Cole helps leaders expand their heart, to expand their influence.

Cole is a valued member of TeamADL

Published by teamadl

We are a multi-agency team of specialists, created to capacity-build and serve with integrity, the needs of children, young people with SEND through a person-centred approach and support for the family / carers. Our mission statement is 'Developing People, Growing Organisations & Strengthening Localities'

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